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sharing subdirectories in server 2008 R2 cluster?

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  • sharing subdirectories in server 2008 R2 cluster?

    Hello all,

    we're planning to migrate our file servers from windows 2003 server (clustered environment) to windows 2008 R2 server (clustered environment as well).

    while in 2003 cluster we had the options to auto-share subdirectories in the cluster options (enclosed picture), as it seems - in 2008 this option no longer exists.

    I found this MSDN blog:
    which confirms that the option is no longer available in 2008, and they give us a command to run.

    but when running the command:
    for /d %d in (*.*) do Net Share %d=G:\%d (with the correct changes of course) only the existing folders at the exact moment will be shared.
    BUT - if I'll add to the same directory another folder later - it will not get shared automatically like in the 2003 server, so we will need to re-run the command.

    Is there another way of imitating the behavior of the "share subdirectories" option like in the 2003 cluster options?
    Is there a way to create auto-share that is hidden? ($ like in the picture)

    at the moment, since we open many folders per day in that specific share root - the thought of running this script on a daily basis looks crazy.

    So, what am I missing?


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