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Problem with Folder Redirection

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  • Problem with Folder Redirection

    Hi all

    I have a problem with folder redirection on a Windows 2008 Server.

    When i setup the folder redirection about a year ago i forgot to uncheck the option "Grant the user exclusive rights to ..." which basically locks me out of the folder even as Administrator.

    Now i have the problem that one (or more) user is filling up the disk and i cant find out who it is, since i cant even see the folder propreties (0 bytes/0 files)!

    The only option (that i know of) would be to take the ownership of the folder...
    But i guess this would break more than it would help...

    Any suggestions/help on this??

    Thanks a lot,

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    Re: Problem with Folder Redirection

    We had the same issue on a military system. If you don't want to take ownership of the folder (and don't forget to make sure that the user still has 'Modify' NTFS perms after you do), then another way to see the contents is to look at your backup catalogs.

    We use Backup Exec. We had some users copying MP3 files to their My Docs folders to listen to during the day, which caused us some network issues. We started creating a Restore job, and selected various users' My Docs folders to see what files had been backed up. Simple to find, esp. if you're primarily concerned with specific names. Awkward for a large user base in general, though.

    You won't be able to open the files themselves from there, but can get an idea of size and quantity that way.

    Hope this helps.
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