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TS RemoteApp from web site?

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  • TS RemoteApp from web site?

    My customer has an ERP server that has a web-based portal that will allow a user to do custom configuration and product configurations similar to the way you would go on the Dell web site and build a server, except in this case the ERP server is not a public server - it must be on the LAN.

    In order for WAN clients to access the ERP server, it has to be through a Terminal Server. If this terminal server was Server 2008, would it be possible to run a TS RemoteApp off a public web site?

    We would like to give customers that have been authenticated some type of remote web access to the Advanced Configurator on the ERP server without having to use Remote Desktop.

    Ideally, we would have our own web hosting server on site but this is not an option.

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