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File Access Issue

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  • File Access Issue

    Hey guys,

    We just migrated a SBS 2003 server to 2008 R2 and decommissioned the old server. There seems to be an issue where every five minutes or so people are unable to connect or do anything with the shares. Not only that, when this occurs I am unable to access the shares using a UNC path on the server itself. As a result the server is causing a lot of problems. There is a pause when testing sysvol and netlogon shares during a DCDiag as well. I am really stumped on this one and wonder if anyone can offer any insight to this?


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    Re: File Access Issue


    How many domain controllers do you currently have configured?

    What are the results of dcdiag?

    Is the DC primary dns address configured with its own ip address?

    When the users are unable to browse the shares can you browse them locally on the server using smb \\servername

    When the users timeout from accessing shares can you still ping the server? and can you browse the server via IP address or FQDN servername.mydomain.local?

    Are the servers and workstations on the same subnet and do they share the same physical switch?

    Are there any errors in the event log?