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    I recently replaced an older 2K3 AD server with a new PE610 and W2K8 R2 x64 AD server. No problems in DNS, DCPromo or anything else except for a need to access some files via UNC pathing. 2 different IP subnets are used here.

    This is a remote site that uses a VPN site to site which connects back to our office. The server can use Internet services, get AD updates/changes, access some internal emulation programs all with no issues. The only issue is with the NetBIOS to a particular server at the head office.

    The remote server can enumerate shares on other remote sites or other servers back at the head office. It just cannot or will not access the one that it needs to which produces the usual 'system error 53' when running a 'net view \\servername'.

    Running 'net view \\\ 'or 'net view 'net view \\XX.XX.XXX.XX works perfectly fine. I have added an entry to the hosts and even the lmhosts file, flushed the DNS and registered it as well.

    Still no joy.

    Would anyone have any ideas

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: NetBIOS browsing


    Are you able to connect from the head office server back to the new server on the remote site?

    Also when you add an entry in the lmhost file you need to nbtstat -R to reload the lmhost file.

    and NBTSTAT -c will display the current cache

    Do you have the dc on the remote site pointing primary dns to its own ip address?

    Also what about doing an nslookup "head office server" Does the nslookup resolve?


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      Re: NetBIOS browsing

      Hi Jamie32.

      Yes I had already done each of the items you mentioned. I am wondering if this is a driver issue... The funny thing is I have 2 other servers (exactly the same OS versions and drivers) in remote locations at other sites and they work flawlessly.

      I am just wondering if there is something corrupted in the network stack.


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        Re: NetBIOS browsing

        compare all your network settings - make sure the options are all the same..
        if one isn't working and the rest are, this suggests somerthing may be misconfigured
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          Re: NetBIOS browsing


          I would install wireshark on the server and have a look. When running the sniffer generate a couple different types of traffic using the netbios name like ping servername and smb \\servername

          When was the last time the server in the head office has been bounced? I have had some strange things with name resolution just to find out that bouncing the server fixes it.