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HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

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  • HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...


    I have a problem with a Server 2008 Standard Active Directory setup with approximately 18 Client PC's.

    What happens is the server every couple of days, but sometimes consecutively, Will stop responding.

    I cannot RDP onto the server, Offline Files & Folders on the Client workstations (Windows XP Clients) will appear offline. Also if I plug a keyboard into the server it does not respond.

    However, I can still ping the server both by DNS/WINS name and by IP Address. Also Exchange doesn't always stop responding...!

    The fix is to hard restart the server and everything comes back to life. I have thoroughly investigated the event logs, but there are no errors around the time the server falls over.

    When the server was commisioned into service in January, it worked flawlessly until March, then we started having this trouble. Sometimes we can go a full week without any issues at all. Also sometimes the clients are able to reconnect after a few minutes, but 90% of the time, this is not the case.

    Would anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing this, as I am beginning to get very grey hairs and i'm only 20!!

    Also, the server is the following spec's:

    HP Proliant ML350
    Dual Core Xeon 1.86
    4GB DDR3 1333MHz RAM
    2x 2TB HDD's in RAID1 using onboard controller (HP Smart Array B110i)
    1GB LAN connected to Gigabit 24 Port Switch
    Server 2008 Standard x64
    Exchange 2010 Standard

    Any help would be very much appreciated


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    Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

    Are there any BIOS event logs? -- could be dodgy RAM, overheating, a flaky drive....
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      Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

      Many thanks for reply. In all honesty I did suspect hardware when I first had the trouble.

      I spent the best part of 2 hours on the phone to HP support (at 8ppm, but thats another rant altogether!)

      The chap gave me a link to 2 diagnostic tools to burn to CD and boot the server from, simple really... except both tools gave a message worded to the following effect "The supported device for this program was not found on your system"

      I'll check to see if there are any BIOS logs that indicate problems around 17:30 GMT when I can shut the server down as it's currently live.

      I would just like to definately rule out a software configuration issue, so I can then try and convince HP that there is a hardware fault. I'm slightly confused as to how thats possible though, as this was not a cheap server. It was also brand new out of the box in January!!




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        Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

        Is trend running on this system?
        Allen White


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          Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...


          I contacted HP and after another 2 hour phone call, they agreed to change the server's motherboard.

          However at approximately 13:30 GMT today the server went down again.

          Similar symptoms, you can ping it's ip address, DNS lookups for web browsing still work. But you cannot RDP onto the server and all the XP clients pop up to say computer offline.

          I have checked the event logs on the server around the time the server fell over and can only find the following information:

          The system detected that network adapter Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 was connected to the network, and has initiated normal operation. 13:31:54

          The Software Licensing service is starting. 13:32:39

          These are the only entries that are showing around the time of the server falling over.

          Trend is not running on the server, the server has no antivirus software. Clients are running KAV 2010.

          The odd part is that the clients don't all go down at the same time. They go down almost one by one!

          Any help would be greatly appreciated




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            Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

            Uhm. your statement that the server doesn't run antivirus rings some serious alarm bells in my head.

            After you've had the mainboard replaced, run memtest and ensure your memory is ok.
            Then make sure you get antivirus installed on the server.. It's _equally_ if not more important
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              Re: HP ML350 with Server 2008 Crashes, well sort of...

              The server was running Kaspersky AV but I uninstalled it as I orginally thought it was causing the problem. However this appears not to be the case.

              I thought this because one of my other sites that also uses KAV on their servers was causing Sage Line 50 to crash whenever it attempted to write an entry to the database.