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Certificate Authority - CRLs

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  • Certificate Authority - CRLs

    I have an internal enterprise root ca, server 2008 r2

    I have a lot of problems with the distribution points being put into certificates. Often I find it only puts in 1 distribution point into the cert when in reality I might have 4 distribution points listed in the root ca. Don't know why.

    Overall... I have a lot of errors with remote desktop complaining that they can't find the CRLs.

    Is there a way I can generate certificates that will have no CRL information and therefore will not bother looking for it?

    Bonus Question:
    To my knowledge, a client checks to see if a hostname matches based solely on the Common Name. How can I have multiple common names or wildcards?

    Thanks for your time!!

    - Chase D

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    Re: Certificate Authority - CRLs

    For wildcards you just enter * for the Common Name, or depending on the application you can use the Subject Alternative Name field to add addtional DNS names.