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Can't Add a 2nd Namespace Server

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  • Can't Add a 2nd Namespace Server

    Setup: 2 DC running 2008 manage domain

    I've created a DFSroot in one of the DC. Would like to add the second DC to the list of namespace servers, but I can't because the process get stuck in the last step of window's progress - the "Commit Changes." Details of this error say that the namespace cannot be created in the other server because a sharename with that name (the name of the namespace) already exists. It doesn't. In the other server where I'm trying to create the folder the 2nd namespace, I deleted the folder and even did "net share foldername /delete" as the even error recommended.

    I think a factor here is that I used to have namespace with that name but deleted it (and I think I didn't delete it properly) then I created a name namespace with the exact same name. However, by this logic it shouldn't be able to create that namespace on both servers, not just one.

    I guess I can create a namespace with another name, but that would be lots of work and I would have to redo all the replication...which would probably take days to replicate.

    Thank you in advance.