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GlobalNames Zone not working as expected

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  • GlobalNames Zone not working as expected

    I have configured the GlobalNames Zone feature by first enabling it and then by creating the zone. I added an alias (CNAME) record that points to an A record in an existing zone.

    Now, I can successfully query the alias record as long as the query includes a suffix for a zone that exists on the DNS server. However, if the query does not include a suffix or it includes a suffix for a zone that does not exist, the query fails. Here is the scenario.

    GlobalNames Zone

    server1 CNAME my-windows-server.mydomain.local

    mydomain.local Zone
    my-windows-server A

    myboguszone.local Zone
    no records

    I will test the global names zone from a workstation that has no DNS suffixes defined.

    nslookup server1.mydomain.local
    Result: successful lookup

    nslookup server1.myboguszone.local
    Result: successful lookup

    nslookup server1
    Result: Unknown can't find server1: Server failed

    So, it appears that GNZ only works if the query includes a zone (any zone) that is held by the DNS server. If there is no suffix at all, the query seems to fail. That is not what I expected of this GNZ feature. Any thoughts? Is this how it is supposed to work, i.e. a feature?

    Thank you.