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IIS 7.5 working process error

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  • IIS 7.5 working process error

    Hey there!

    I am running Win 2008 R2 with IIS 7.5.

    I had a problem in my website, it worked really slow (page has been loaded after 2mins), I solved this while setting the worker processes to 2 (it was 1). So, the problem has been solved but a new problem has been announced .

    The problem is, with the worker processes set to 2 my site looks different, the designed changed, but it works faster, I dont really know why it happens, but it does!

    When I set it again to 1, its not working, or lets say, working REALLY slow.

    I thought it might be IIS 7.5 issue, but I have no clue what can it be, just a regular setting...

    My website connects to a WebServices that connects to a MySQL server.

    The WebServices application pool as been set as well to 2 worker processes.

    Any estimated what can it be? maybe a IIS 7.5 issue?

    Maybe re-installing the Windows 2k8 will solve the problem?

    Any suggestions? I am kinda hopeless!
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