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IIS 7.5 Problem? Website is down

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  • IIS 7.5 Problem? Website is down

    Hello everyone,

    I am running a medium-big site, my average stats are:
    weekday visits - ~20,000
    weekday pageviews - ~45,000

    While on weekends it goes:
    visits ~25,000
    pageviews ~55,000

    Now, for the issue.

    I used to run a web application based on PHP, in my servers, placed in holland (about a year ago), everything was fine until, suddenly, the site went down, only on weekends (saturday + sunday).

    I couldn't know what happen because nothing has been changed.

    I decided to switch a hosting company and bought a new dedicated server placed in swiss, the server was strongest, and seems to be fastest.

    I installed my web app on the server and it worked fine, until, again, after few weeks up, it started to crash on weekends.

    I decided to re-build my web app and I paid some big company, they did it and i installed, on a new server hosted in the same swiss company, the new ASP.NET web app.

    Again, it was running alright for few weeks, then again, down on weekends.

    This Monday(5days ago), I switched a hosting company, again, and the site was working amazingly, on a regular weekday a page was loaded after less then a second.

    But today, as the weekend came up, the site went down since 8pm (GMT), without any reason.

    When I say went down, I mean each page is loaded after 1-5mins (yes, you read as well, minutes!).

    My current server is running the following hardware:

    CPU: Intel i7-920 Quad Core
    RAM: 12GB
    HDD: 2x 1500 GB SATA-2
    NIC: 1 Gbit
    Port speed: 100 mbit
    OS: Windows 2008 R2 x64

    My web app is based on ASP.NET, it has a webservices and a mysql DB, so the flow is like:

    Site > Web service > mysql db

    My conclusion until now:
    1) On every weekday the site works great, the problem start on weekends.
    2) The hosting company says I wasn't DDoS'd, I also confirmed it using the IIS logs.
    3) When trying to access some small PNG (size: 1k) image placed on the server it also took around 1:40mins to get it.
    4) In each ASP.NET page, the page prints a "PL" parameter which contain a number that indicates how long it took to run the page, this number, almost every time, is less then a second.
    5) The CPU usage is quite alright, the mysqld.exe process goes around 0-10 precents, so does the w3wp.exe (IIS).
    6) Using the Resource Monitor (MS tool) I saw that the Network Utilization was around 30% and the Network I\O was around 25-35 Mbps.
    7) The IIS settings, so does the Application pool setting are the defaults since I didnt change any special thing up there.
    Right now, when its not a peak time, when the Network utilization is around 1% and the I\O is less then 1 Mbps, the site is down as well.
    9) when telneting the server to port 80, it replay within seconds, but when sending a "GET" request to some page, it take ages, again. So I guess its not a networking problem.

    I tried restarting IIS, so does to restart the server, nothing help, just nothing.

    I am totaly hopeless, what can I do more?

    Please... anyone... any suggestions
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    Re: IIS 7.5 Problem? Website is down

    Anything interesting in the event logs and/or IIS logs?
    Any troubles perhaps with the database and did you tried retrieving data which isn't using the database (maybe a testside or so?)
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      Re: IIS 7.5 Problem? Website is down

      Yes, it worked slow as well, nothing changed.

      Regarding the eventlog, nothing special up there...


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        Re: IIS 7.5 Problem? Website is down

        i'd be looking at your stored processes and stuff at the back end - see if the database is not coping with the load. If you're not already using a 2-tier environment, it may be worth investigating this as an option... offload the database to a powerful sql server, and have a lower power web front end which just renders the pages.
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