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Documents read only in windows Server 2008

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  • Documents read only in windows Server 2008

    Hi, I've put a new windows 2008 server in a windows 2003 domain. The server is on a branch and it's working fine. I want to copy the users documents from a 2003 server to the new 2008 server. All the documents on the 2008 server became read only. I've tried with robocopy, with backup restore but they became read only documents.
    I also tried to change the attributes from read only and also take ownership, change permissions but nothing works. Can anybody tell me what must I do or which program can I use to copy the documents?

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    Re: Documents read only in windows Server 2008

    Assuming you have created a SHARE for the files to "live" on Server 2008, have you changed the SHARE permission from the default Read Only?

    You really need to provide a lot more information about your setup since we know nothing about it. We don't even know if the Server 2008 has been made a Member Server of the Domain.

    Are the files Read Only for just the Domain Users or for Administrators as well?
    Do the appropriate Groups have the appropriate permissions to access the SHARE?
    Do you in fact have a SHARE?

    See, more info required. Ta.
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