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Volume activation 2.0 concern

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  • Volume activation 2.0 concern


    I have a sneaking feeling I haven't fully understood our volume activation works with Windows 7 and 2008. After reading some detailed articles on the topic though I realise I may have a problem in the near future. We are a school with a schools/Campus agreement license offering from Microsoft and have begun using Windows 2008 and Windows 7 on our network.

    After running some commands on the KMS server (nslookup -type=srv _vlmcs._tcp) I was quite surprised to see that we have already 6 KMS hosts installed and registered in DNS and AD including a 7 test machine in the office as well as our production 2008 servers.

    So the question is how have we got 6 KMS installations?

    When we first received the keys of the volume licensing page we only used the KMS Key. At that time nobody knew what “KMS” meant. Since it was that and the MAK key we got, we thought as the MAK key had a countup (i.e. 0/500) we all thought it would be better to activate via KMS. Well, you really can use the KMS key to activate 7/2008. So, some of us in the office used this key for our 7 test installations as well as 2008 production servers. I was a bit more cautious and used a technet key.

    However, the question is, when will we realise if we have a problem at all? In the case described above the problem hasn't hit us yet but I am a bit concerned especially as we have begun looking at Windows 7 test deployments. We haven't deployed it yet, so it is not a big problem. But reading the docs confirmed some worries I had about Windows Volume Activation 2.0.

    Can someone confirm if this is correct? If I am able to remove all KMS hosts from AD. We have a 2008 datacenter license and KMS key. If I use this key when recreating a new KMS host, am I right in saying that this key will automatically activate any windows client and server. So when we create an image of a machine we do not have to insert whilst setting it up? Is this correct

    I have designated a particular server as a KMS host. If I leave the entries in DNS for just this server and delete the rest, will it mean that the other machines will complain about activation and we re-activate them?

    Please Help I am confused!