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2003 to 2008 migration

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  • 2003 to 2008 migration

    We have 2 DC's (combined age of 15 years) running SVR 2003 sp2 and two exchange server's running SVR 2003 sp2 and exchange 2003.

    The two DC's need to be replaced. Can we bring up 2 new 2008 64bit dc's and move the roles to them or will the DC's being 64 bit and the Exchange servers being 32 bit cause problems.

    Thanks in advance

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    Re: 2003 to 2008 migration

    No issues at all, I've done this a couple of times. The one thing to ensure before you start is that you have a 32-bit version of adprep available to upgrade the schema on the old schema master before you introduce the 64-bit 2008 DCs. Server 2008 R2 includes the 32-bit version of adprep on the DVD but the RTM version, even with SP2 slipstreamed does not so you'll have to download the 32-bit evaluation copy from Microsoft.

    However the only reason NOT to go straight to R2 is if you plan to install Exchange 2007 as it is not supported on R2. It IS supported on a 2008 server with R2 DCs though, and anyway Exchange 2010 is now available.
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      Re: 2003 to 2008 migration

      Thanks for that Cruachan, appreciated. I'll add that into my plan when I upgrade.


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        Re: 2003 to 2008 migration

        I had an issue in my production, i migrated server 2003 sp2 to server 2008 R2, ( 2008 R2 DC will not support to exchange server 2003) and my exchange was 2003sp2, after the migration dns was not resolving domain names, issue with EDNS, cant receive mails from external like gmail etc.

        after this mess i restored my backup, this was my major failure in my production.

        this weekend i am planning to migrate 2003 to server 2008 std, and exchange 2003sp2 to exchange 2007sp1.

        i have got fully practiced in testing.

        in regards to fsmo roles
        plz find the link how to transfer the roles in simple way.

        prepare server 2003:


        Transfere fsmo roles:


        before you go to production practice in lab test. things can go wrong very quickly

        submit your out come after your migration

        cheers good luck
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