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Technet, change product key

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  • Technet, change product key

    I have been working an a prototype ESXi 4 solution for a customer by running two Server 2008 Standard x64 VMs from my TechNet subscription. There has been a fair amount of experimenting and tweaking as one of the VMs is a terminal server. I would like to put this into production but I don't want to reinstall and reconfigure the two Server 2008 VMs.

    There is an option in Server 2008 to change the product key. Can I purchase two Server 2008 licenses from my MS supplier and use the product keys with my TechNet products using the 'change product key' option?

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    Re: Technet, change product key

    Worked for me on a previous ocassion.
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      Re: Technet, change product key

      Great! Thanks.
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