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  • Limit max size of file

    Hi everyone, hoping one of you can shine some light on a problem I am trying to get over. Amongst my userbase I have people who no matter how much you try to educate them continue to save huge image files (e.g. TIFF files > 1GB) when there is no need for them to be that size (e.g. using jpeg compression). Short of hitting them over the back of the head with their keyboards I am looking to try and enforce a limit on them so if they try to save a huge file (say over 100Mb) they will be prevented, leading them to either save the file properly or pick up the phone for some abuse from me.

    I have been scratching around trying to find a way of doing this but can't find any specific method for it. Disk quotas as I understand them are no good as I don't want to limit the amount they can use on the server, instead I just want to make sure they are nor eating the space unneccesarily with files that dont need to be anywhere near the size they are.

    Would welcome any help or tips for thi - thanks.

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    Re: Limit max size of file

    This function has been available since Server 2003 R2. This is the Server 2008 guide. It's a little beauty!!
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