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2008r2 Deploy printers via GPO to XP clients

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  • 2008r2 Deploy printers via GPO to XP clients


    I am bringing up a 2008r2 print server and would like to deploy the printers via GPO to the office XP clients. I read the 3 part article posted by Petri about some of the features, but I am not able to find "PushPrinterConnections.exe " in %windir%/system32, or anywhere on the primary drive for that matter.

    Does anyone know where I might find it?

    Also, any conversation regarding the pro's and cons of deploying printers via GPO or script would be welcomed. It would appear to me as though doing it via GPO has some serious limitations as the size of the company increases. It also seems limited because it is only able to be applied via OU.

    With this in mind, perhaps deploying printers by group membership, via script, would be the better method?

    I am interested to hear what the collective experience has been, and would greatly appreciate any URL's that have been helpful to you in deploying printers.

    Thank you,


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    Re: 2008r2 Deploy printers via GPO to XP clients

    Please consider this question closed... I found what I was looking for after doing a simple search of the forum...