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2008 KMS Licensing and Virtual Environment

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  • 2008 KMS Licensing and Virtual Environment

    I am well aware of the requirements of 5 physical servers required to activate a KMS server in my environment and have KMS working correctly today. Servers see the KMS server via DNS and all is good except that I have yet to reach 5 physical servers and never actually intend to.

    My question is can I build or rebuild a physical server 5 times to satisfy the licensing requirements and then remove those servers from the count? Can I reclaim those 5 licenses for virtual servers?

    I will have over 50 VM's by the time all is done and would really like to use KMS vs. MAK for each server and if building out the physical will work if removed then it would be work my time to do that.

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    Re: 2008 KMS Licensing and Virtual Environment

    Surprisingly, understanding the Microsoft Licensing system is harder to do than to learn Klingon. I hope the article ar the following link helps to clarify things for you.

    I am sure I have seen explanations in these Forums but today I am too lazy to search for them. Sorry.
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