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setting up an App in IIS7

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  • setting up an App in IIS7

    I am not a developer but we have a locally hosted (locally on the webserver) app that we want the screens to be pushed towards the client's screen.

    I have Win Srv 2008 STD and IIS7 up and running and I have experience in Citrix XenApp from previous jobs. Long and skinny, the developer of Application A, wrote an .aspx front end that calls the .exe file and is supposed to run the local .exe and push the screens to the client.

    What exactly is TS Apps? Can I add a locally hosted (on the server) application so users can sign in and run the app from the webserver and have the screens appear on their side? If not, then what are my options or if so, HOW DO I DO IT?!

    Sorry I have searched the internet everywhere and can't find any good information since it appears that MS and crew want the programmers to completely rewrite the application in, which isn't an option.

    So, for this example, lets say I wanted to run MSWORD from my webserver and have it appear on your desktop by going to how would I do that?

    We want to demo our software without putting the software in the clients hands and we can't afford the time to re-write the entire application and Citrix is out of our price range.

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    Re: setting up an App in IIS7

    Okay so what I have found out is the our .aspx front end runs the application (as you can see it running under processes) but it doesn't push anything to the desktop (if run locally or run externally via web). So the quesiton then resides, since ii7 + win2k8 (not r2) has seemed to get rid of the "Interact with Desktop" how do I allow to interact with desktop under iis7?


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      Re: setting up an App in IIS7

      See if any of this reading gives you any ideas on what needs to be done.
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