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Server 2008 STD timing out

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  • Server 2008 STD timing out

    I have a server 2008 STD in the domain environment. (DC is MS 2000 server)
    The new 2008 is not DC, he is just a member (file server)
    Everything works fine for about 24-36 hours, after that all my users loose connection to this server. They can't access shared drives or any kind of data from this server. The other server (2000) is accessible no problem.
    I can ping it but when I try to access via command prompt or via browsing network it just freezes. From the server end everything looks good. I can browse the network and access internet.
    Here is the interesting part. After reboot everything goes back to normal for another 24-36 hours and then it happens again. (no access to new 2008 server)
    I have to reboot every other day in order to give people access to their data.
    HELP Pls.

    Thank you

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    Re: Server 2008 STD timing out

    Are the mapped drives (assuming they exist) created by a script deployed by a GPO?
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      Re: Server 2008 STD timing out

      run some hardware diagnostics...
      what other applications are installed on this server ?

      it sounds to me like the server service may be failing. next time the server stops responding, could you check all the services with "automatic" start and see if they are all running ?
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