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Shared "Windows Search" for network drives?

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  • Shared "Windows Search" for network drives?

    I have a client with 200GB+ of data on shared drives in Word, Excel, etc files. Is there a shared type of Windows Desktop Search that will work with Windows 7 and index the shared drive?

    I have seen Windows Search Server but that appears to need Sharepoint.

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    Re: Shared "Windows Search" for network drives?

    Hi mvalpreda,

    At present MS have release a more robust and dynamic Desktop Search tool, called Windows Desktop Search 4.0, it is readily available from the microsoft website.

    As for the features, it enables your client machine to index files & folders from mapped network drives.

    I done a bit of a google search and it returned this:

    Hope this is what youre after.


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      Re: Shared "Windows Search" for network drives?

      Thanks for the effort, but that is what is already included in Windows Vista and 7. I'm looking for a central way to index the network shares for multiple client machines.

      The only way to index network shares on a local machine is to have it available offline. That is not the slightest bit feasible with 200GB+ of data.


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        Re: Shared "Windows Search" for network drives?

        I know that the Windows search service is available under de file service option.
        Don't know if you can use the info from a Windows Vista or Windows 7 machine
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