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Attempt to install role failed...

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  • Attempt to install role failed...

    Here's a good one:
    Brand new 2008 Standard server, VMware ESX. I assume the same scenario would occur if it was physical.

    After I deployed the OS via WDS, connected into the console, and disbaled the network interface.
    Attempted to install DNS and DHCP roles, and got

    Attempt to install dns server failed with error code 0x80070643
    Hm. Ok. It seems to be a very generic sort of error.
    So, i bounced the network card back in, and retried.
    Pulled the network card out again.
    Tried to install WINS feature. Same problem.

    So it looks like attempting to install Network-based roles will fail if the network port is not active, even if you have a static address configured.

    Hopefully this will help someone else..
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    Re: Attempt to install role failed...

    Good peice of information and have experienced this one first hand (only once though )

    Thanks for the share.
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