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Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

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  • Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

    Hi, there, I've spent the last week or two figuring out how to push printers out through Group Policy.

    I'm running a Virtual Server through the Hyper-V Module. The virtual server is running Windows Server 08 R2 64-bit and it plays host to our Printers. I have established both 64 and 32-bit drivers accordingly to each printer since we have both 32 and 64-bit users.

    I have installed the Print Management Role to the server and have specified it as a print server. Easily enough, I right-clicked the printers I wanted to push out and delpoyed them via group policy. All of the Windows 7 machines took right away after running a gpupdate.

    After reading Microsoft's Technet article concerning the Print Management Role I found out that Vista and XP systems have to have Client Side Group Policy Extensions in order to process the Group Policy request from the Print Management Role running on Server 08 R2.

    I pushed out the appropriate Client Side updates to our Vista and XP machines using our WSUS server and the Vista machines are now taking but our XP machines are still not taking. I have no idea why they are not working. I've tried manually installing the client-side extensions to no avail. I'm able to modify their default printers and even remove printers through the Group Policy editor but I cannot add printers and it's ridiculous!

    Microsoft's article also made mention of the PushPrinterConnections.exe file and creating a script out of it for XP and Vista users. I found that this is not necessary for Vista but I'm wondering if it's necessary for XP. If it is then this leads to another issue. Server 08 R2 does not have a PushPrinterConnections.exe file so what am I supposed to do about that?

    Sorry for the ridiculously long post. If anybody can provide any information then that would be excellent and much appreciated. This thing's killing me!


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    Re: Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

    Are you deploying via a preference or policy. Basically, where you deploy printers in group policy, in the hierarchy is it under policy or preference?

    I've never used a preference to deploy printers since a policy to force the printer is more what I need. It may be the same for each, but for Windows XP printer policy deployment, you MUST use PushPrinterConnections.exe. Most people run this as a startup script, I'd recommend that too.

    EDIT: Just saw that you are setting default printers, which in 2008 you can only do with preferences, so I assume you are using preferences unless R2 fixed that. You should try the .exe startup script anyway though.


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      Re: Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

      Hey, thanks for the reply. Yeah it's all preference. I would setup a script for the .exe but I can't find the .exe on my system. I've unhidden all system files, extensions, etc. but still no success. It's supposed to be in Windows\System 32 folder but it's not there. It's not on any of our virtual or physical servers. Is this exe missing in 64-bit Server 08 R2? Where can I find this file? I've also checked the SysWoW64 folder and found nothing.

      Thanks for your input!


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        Re: Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

        hehe they forgot to include it in windows 2008 R2
        You can try to download from here :

        download pmcmgmt.exe and extrac the PushPrinterConnections.exe from that file



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          Re: Server 08 R2 Printer Deployment

          Yesssss! Thanks a ton, Bio. The startup script for PushPrinterConnections.exe worked. All of my XP machines are now finding the printer and I'm very happy about that. This is a nice weight off my shoulders. Thanks a ton for the information. I'm going to save that link in case I ever need it again, haha.