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sorting out KMS

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  • sorting out KMS

    ok so I understand we've been given one KMS key for our two 2008 R2 servers.
    I've installed that on the first host, activated the frist host. THat makes it a key management server - the dns entry has been created correctly.

    we only have two 2008 servers, and only expect to for now. We also have 150 user cals. Are they part of the KMS key ?

    Also - I've tried activation and it fails to activate.. so we used the KMS key again.. which i'm fairly sure now is incorrect.

    how can I:
    A) get the kms key removed from the second server
    b) activate it against the (first) kms server
    c) identify where the 2008 user CALs are
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    Re: sorting out KMS

    Hey, my understanding of the KMS system is that the KMS key is only used to create the KMS server on your domain, which was your first step, so that's all good. However, for KMS clients to activate, there need to be an initial MINIMUM of 5 2008 servers needing activation before your KMS will validate them. See here for a demo vid - (
    I ran into this same problem, so I rang the Microsoft Activation Centre and they issued me an MAL (multiple activation licence) key... that sorted it. Hope this helps with at least some of your problem.


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      Re: sorting out KMS

      I just saw your post in response to this - and i ended up following the same course of action.. called and spoke to MS licensing, and they changed it to an MAK.

      THanks for your reponse, and +rep for you
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