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Upgrading network to 2008 R2

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  • Upgrading network to 2008 R2

    Network with 4 Exchange 2000 box, 1 SQL 2000 box, 1 file server and 1 machine as an AD controller.

    Looking at getting a new box and putting 2008 R2 on it. Want to run Hyper-V and wondering what is the recommended method for setting that up. Exchange is going to be upgraded to 2007 (maybe 2010 since it's RTM now) and run as a VM. SQL server will probably be a P2V.

    Would I set up the host machine with AD? Or have a piddly little VM with AD on there? Should I keep a physical box around as an AD controller? I have read where a Hyper-V machine should have just the Hyper-V role on there so resources can be properly monitoring and allocated.

    Just wondering what others are doing when consolidating....or what is best practice.

    Thanks for any input.