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server 2008 lots of services not starting

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  • server 2008 lots of services not starting

    Hi folks,

    I'm currently experiencing a lot of trouble with a windows 2008 server with SP2.

    for some reason, nothing indicative in the logs, the system crashes and reboots.

    This has happened before but there were no consequences until now...

    Now, the server starts, it seems to have network because I can ping it and when logged on to the console, I can open network shares on other servers and ping them.

    However, a lot of services like dfs, dhcp, dns etc etc don't start anymore, not even manually from the services manager. I always get error 1053 not responding in timely fashion.

    No new software or hardware has been installed.
    no hardware failures in the logs.
    The system is running virtualized on esxi3.5 (along with other 2008 servers on the same host)
    I see no logs that the local system account has authentication failure or something.
    It is AD and has exchange 2007 installed on it.

    some more symptoms:
    I can open the active directory viewer.
    The server manager keeps trying to get the roles etc but doesn't succeed, I cannot add a new role.
    dns cannot be started, I got an error that looked like dns was not installed anymore.
    during shutdown, it takes a long time to close group policy and stopping services also takes very long

    Does anybody have any ideas on how to tackle this?
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