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  • choosing ad name

    what is the best domain name to use for the internal active
    directory domain?

    is it advisable to use your public domain name?
    what are the pros and cons in doing so?
    are there effects on exchange if i wont be using my public dns?

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    Re: choosing ad name

    my personal belief is that you should keep your internal and external namespaces separate.

    For instance, is the public namespace, but the internal name space may be

    I feel it keeps a layer of separation, makes your internal network harder to identify/enumerate.

    Sure.. you could acheive similar by having split-horizon DNS but, I just feel it works better this way.

    one of the negative aspects though, is that you have to maintain an internal and external namespace, even though the external namespace may only require amendments once a year.

    Using a separate private namespace also means you can use whatever you want, for instance you could have public and
    illogical.void for your internal namespace
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