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Set up new 2008 server in workgroup or as a DC

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  • Set up new 2008 server in workgroup or as a DC

    I have an office with an old server running Win 2003 server (server A) in a workgroup setting as a file and application server. This server is being replaced with a new server running Windows server 2008 (Server B). 50% of the office computers are members of a corporate domain and are authenticated to that domain via VPN. All the computers in the office access file shares and applications running on Server A. Is it possible to set up Server B as a domain controller and be able to host the same applications and file shares that Server A does for the computers that are members of the corporate domain as well as the current workgroup computers in a new domain?

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    Re: Set up new 2008 server in workgroup or as a DC

    Hi cspcc, I don't see any problem on your suggestion. In fact you can make the windows 2008 server as a secondary server of your cooperate environment. In this way 50% of you local machine scan authenticate through to your office server instead of going through VPN.

    Apart from that rest of the work group machines would be able to access the resources once you have configured the proper permissions.



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      Re: Set up new 2008 server in workgroup or as a DC

      Thanks Susantha,
      The challenge I have with that is that this office is only affiliated with the corporation and therefore placing the new 2008 server on their domain is not an option. I do not want to create a headache for the users of the corporate domain when trying to use the local resources so I am approaching this server installation carefully. Once I create a new local domain which will be untrusted from the corporate side - are those users going to be able to access the local domain resources easily. The computers can only be a member of 1 domain - correct?