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IIS 7 setup advice: unc path and multi websites

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  • IIS 7 setup advice: unc path and multi websites

    Hello All,

    I've already started reading through forums but I am hoping someone here already has a similiar model i'm working on.

    I'm not very familiar with IIS 7 and my previous setups with IIS 6 were very simple. However, now I'm looking to setup student webpages. I have a network storage (shared out via samba) that contains student webpages. the folder structure is like this:



    Our previous setup was apache, but now students want to dabble in asp and so IIS comes into play.

    My original thought so far is:

    1. create a new site
    2. move the doc root to \\server1\student\

    however, now i'm stuck and I've come across 3 problems.

    First, how do I configure IIS to allow the public to access the different student's web folders? So that public can go to\student\username1 and\student\username2 etc.. However, I do not want the public to be able to query the directory structure like\student\ and see the different sub folders.

    The second problem I thought about is what account do i assign IIS to map the samba share? I know in IIS it uses IIUSR_machinename for anon public access. So my original thought was ok, i could just grant IISUR_machinename read/execute rights on the samba side \\server1\student\ . Since our samba is configured to authenticate against our Active Directory, I can use any account as long as I map a Windows account to a samba account that has the privileges i need.

    The 3rd problem I thought of is ok, if i can make it so the public can see the sites, but then, what if a student writes an asp code that needs to write access to his own folder, but the public would not have write access when public access that student's webpage and won't be able to run the asp code.

    Am I approaching this incorrectly and trying to create one site or should I just create a new site per user and then in the pass-through authentication box for doc root locations, just assign the owner's user account that maps to their web folder?

    thanks for the reply's in advance