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  • WPAD prompts

    While testing different things in my VMs I've setup a two way transitive forest trust between two domains.

    While logged on in one of them I constantly get prompted to enter credentialsto connect for I've read it might be something with DNS but I'm unable to figure it out.

    Any suggestions?

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    Re: WPAD prompts

    WPAD = Windows Proxy Auto-Discovery. It's a method of auto-detecting proxy servers and can be done via either DNS or DHCP. The data is stored in a file (wpad.dat as I recall), usually on an ISA Server and if you are in a seperate domain to the one running WPAD then that's probably why you are being prompted for credentials.

    I don't think WPAD is on by default though, did you setup these VMs yourself? WOAD is usually used in conjunction with an ISA Server (which acts as the proxy), I don't know if other proxies use it too though I don't see why not.
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      Re: WPAD prompts

      cruachan, thank you for your reply.

      Yes, I did setup the VMs myself (quite a while ago I might add) and haven't configured any proxies.

      This is a rough outline of my VMs:

      I just want to get rid off the warnings. If I just cancel them I have internet access, but I do get prompted very frequently.

      If you could point me where to check, how to remove this I'd greatly appreciate it.


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        Re: WPAD prompts

        Should just be a case of either:-
        1. Removing the DNS entry for WPAD or
        2. Removing the 252 option from the DHCP scope
        depending on how it's setup.
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          Re: WPAD prompts

          cruachan, sorry it took me so long, but I just didn't have time to check.

          I'm unable to find anything related to WPAD be it on my DNS or DHCP (any scope).
          I also followed this: but no wpad.dat gets generated if I visit a site.

          I however do not get the prompts if I turn off Automatically Detect Settings in IE (meaning it's getting some settings, if it wouldn't then it would work the same as it does when it's turned off).

          Is there anything else that I can check? GPO... anything?


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            Re: WPAD prompts

            WPAD is deployed by DNS or DHCP.
            An other way is that the file has been set by GPO, however this is what you can see in the properties tab.
            Or...... the file has been placed in the temporarily files of the browser.
            IE will check this first and if it's still valid he will use this. Otherwise he will go to the server by using DHCP data or DNS data.
            But this sounds like a really unusual way to get the wpad.dat.

            What you might do is fire network monitor and then fire the browser up.
            You might get some more info about the wpad.dat if he get's it from some remote location.
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