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Problems with receiving faxes

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  • Problems with receiving faxes

    Hi All,

    I hope you can help.

    I have a bizarre problem with Faxing on Server 2008. I've installed the Fax service (and fax & scan). I've installed our USB modem. It seems I can send faxes without any difficulty. However incoming faxes always cause the sending machine to log a transmission error - no fax is received. I can't see anything in the logs either.

    I've tried routing to email and folders with no joy.

    I am trying to move to an electronic fax service so I can do away with our ancient fax machine.

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    Re: Problems with receiving faxes

    No one?

    This one is really puzzling me.

    I have an additional problem.

    The server in question is 2008 x64.

    The fax clients are XP 32bit.

    So if I share the fax I will need to make the x86 version of the driver available. It seems that MS have not made the shared fax driver XP compatible...

    I've been all over the web with this one. The most useful thread on a forum I've found is this:

    Which is not exactly clear...

    Before I sign up to yet another forum I was wondering if anyone else has managed to get this to work?

    Setting this up used to be really straighforward...


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      Re: Problems with receiving faxes

      Is your Fax being turned off to save power? Check the Power Management tab and the setting in Device Manager.

      You could also test it by created a TEMP user and test it using a dial in connection. Don't forget to give them dial in access in the AD account.
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