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Installing a USB fax modem...

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  • Installing a USB fax modem...

    Hi There,

    We make heavy use of faxes and I have decided to have a crack at using out Exchange box to accept incoming faxes.

    I've attached the Fax modem (it's a Pluscom v.92 56k fax modem) to the server and it's not being detected. It works fine when connected to a XP workstation.

    I've been to there site... well it's a forum. And there's not much on there.

    We're using Server 2008 64bit so I've got hold of the 64bit driver and attempted to install by hand. The server is simply not detecting it.

    I was wondering if there's something obvious that I've missed. I have a USB keyboard and mouse installed on the machine. So it's not like the USB ports aren't working. I am perplexed to say the least.

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    Re: Installing a USB fax modem...

    Ok, it's suddenly started working... weird.

    Nothing to see here.