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Identity Management For Unix

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  • Identity Management For Unix

    Hi All
    I have just added a new win2008sp2 as a new DC to an sbs2003 network (the idea by the end is to remove the sbs)
    I have installed identity management for Unix on the 2008 and I would like to have all the linux (centos) machine authenitcate to it.
    I used a simple guide I found online to make this happen (

    after all was setup and seems to be working , I noticed that for some reason the IDMU is not mapping all the users in the domain (all are located on the same OU)
    running ldap query from the linux or from the win2008 box using the ldp client I can see the same result , only couple of users are published out as unix users
    checking with adsiedit I can see that all the relevant info is there (uid , uidnumber , uidhomefolder and alike)

    I was checking the win2008 box folder C:\windows\idmu\nis\MapCache and could have seen there the users that are mapped (the same ones I see in my ldap query)

    any idea how to tackle this ??

    Thanks in advance,
    Haim Chibotero
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