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Stop Error 0X805000F

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  • Stop Error 0X805000F

    I am getting stop error 0X805000F and reboots... I have enabled memory dump - kernal but getting no dump file. Any idea of a cause or what I can do to further diagnose?


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    Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

    The exact operating system and hardware specs would be helpful
    Have you changed anything just before the problem started
    Can you boot into safe mode and check the event logs?

    A brief for the error code suggests it is to do with drivers
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      Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

      Its a HP Proliant ML150 G5 running Windows 2008 SP2. No driver updates or changes.

      I can view the error logs, and that is where I am getting this stop error, but not seeing anything that really gives me much more info. I would have expected a memory dump file to look at but it looks like nothing is being created.

      I did google this prior to posting but could only find issues with Server 2003 and a hotfix but nothing with Server 2008.
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        Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

        Here are the ERRORS (Filtered) Critical and Error in the event log (attachment)
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          Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

          I was on site this morning and observed this first hand. This time no BSOD, no error code in log (other than unexpected shutdown). Server rebooted.

          It was almost like it got unplugged and plugged back in. It's got a redundant dual power supply and is on a UPS. The UPS is VERY old and not adequate for this server. However no other computers at the site experienced reboots or power issues (no other computers on site are attached to UPS's).

          Could this be the issue or where else should I be looking?


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            Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

            run memtest.... ?
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              Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

              Good suggestion. I am going to take the server down Sunday (less impact on business) and run HP Server Diag... Since I have swapped out the UPS no reboots so far, but a good diag (including memtest) is probably in order.


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                Re: Stop Error 0X805000F

                It's confirmed, this was a bad UPS... Brand new one and it works like a champ.