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DFS Replication with failover

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  • DFS Replication with failover

    Hi all,
    My company have asked me to implement two Win2k8 standard servers, one based in the HQ and another DC at our DR site. The HQ DC handles all the domain roles and the DR DC just a server.

    What I have been asked to do is set-up DFS replication between the two sites for user data and finance. The replication works perfectly but they want the DR site to carry the DFS tasks should the HQ go offline.
    Now the problem I have is that when we tested the DFS by taking the HQ DC offline, we get an access denied error. So it seems that the DR site is not carrying out the DFS tasks expected.

    I do know that if one of the servers was Win2K8 Enterprise I would user DFS cluster but this is not available in the standard edition.

    Could someone please help me get this working?

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    Re: DFS Replication with failover

    first thing i would check is the security permission

    Did u create seperate group in AD for security permission? if not then create one and allow that group access to those folders in all site.

    This is the way I have setup and it works when one of more site goes offline.


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      Re: DFS Replication with failover

      Thanks for your reply.

      I have not created any special groups as everyone has the same access.

      I've tested the replication and it works, just when I remove the HQ server I cannot access anything. I tried again while typing and nothing comes up, which gives me the impression that something is misconfigured.

      Do I not need to have my HQ server running enterprise to allow the cluster functionality?


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        Re: DFS Replication with failover

        How long are you waiting after removing the HQ server? By default DFS clients will cache referrals to DFS targets for 1800 seconds and they cache their referral to the DFS Root for 3600 seconds.

        Have you replicated the DFS Root?

        Do the DFS links all have targets enabled on the HQ server and the DR server?


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          Re: DFS Replication with failover

          Thanks for the reply.

          Having a day from hell and got DFS oozing out my ears, so please excuse my ignorance in this reply.

          HQ was offline for 2hours.

          How would your recommend I setup the replication if I were to setup a mesh between the two sites for a folder called 'Finance'?

          HQ sends to DR & DR sends to HQ.

          Maybe if you were to give me a few points as to how it should be and I will check? Sorry, having a week from hell and my boss is playing the devil.


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            Re: DFS Replication with failover

            I guess the local HQ server is also a domain controller? The client PC's do need to be able to query Active Directory in order to know where to look for the next DFS partner.
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              Re: DFS Replication with failover

              Its the PDC - carries out all the roles for the domain etc.