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BSOD System_Service_Exception

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  • BSOD System_Service_Exception

    Here's a fun one for you. We have a Windows 2008 x64 virtual server running on top of esx3.5-update3.
    It's running with the DC Role, and Exchange 2007 installed.

    I tried to log on just before to evaluate whether Backup Exec 10D would cope on this server (planning for a new deployment of a physical) and couldn't get ther.e
    So i checked the console, and found a pretty BSOD.

    I have attached it for your amusement, and i'm trying to work out what caused it. However, it seems it might be related to this: (although 2008, not 2003)
    Race code in the kernel and the sequence of commands changes.

    Interesting. I wonder who won the race ? (Clearly, not the OS :P)
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    Re: BSOD System_Service_Exception

    Interesting. I remember this from my electronic days. Race conditions in electronics were when logic gates recieved conflicting inputs. The input itself could only ever be processed in sequence as either a 1 or a 0. If they were not executed and presented in the correct sequence the resultant output simply wouldnt work or the circuit it pertained too would fail. Id put this down to a glitch. Did you examine the dump to glean any further detail? And has this occured before?


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      Re: BSOD System_Service_Exception

      im not sure if it's happened before, and haven't had a chance to examine the dump yet.. i know i need windbg, but i assume i need the 64bit windbg, and that gives me the question of can i instlal the 64bit windbg on my workstation which is only 32bit ? :P
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