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Pxe Boot Problems w/ WDS

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  • Pxe Boot Problems w/ WDS

    For a small home based network, (migrating everything to the business network later), we have a basic netgear wireless router that is our gateway and DHCP server.

    I have all Server OS and Client OS running via virtual machines on my box. My Server is 2k8 and has DNS, DHCP, WDS, AD, etc. I am trying to boot a virtual box via PXE to capture an image but I am having trouble getting it to download the image.

    Microsoft recommends to set the router to forward DHCP request to your WDS and DHCP server... in this case they are on the same box. However I believe I am forced to go with Microsoft's unrecommended solution:
    Using DHCP Options 60, 66, and 67

    Although Microsoft does not recommend this method, you can use the following DHCP options to direct PXE clients to an appropriate NBP to download:
    • <LI class=unordered>Option 60 = client identifier (set to the string PXEClient)

      <LI class=unordered>Option 66 = boot server host name

    • Option 67 = boot file name

    End result:

    I can get an IP address from the DHCP/WDS server, but nothing more. It is as if WDS does not respond. What information do you need to help diagnose this?

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    Re: Pxe Boot Problems w/ WDS

    Never mind I figured it out. For DHCP parts 66 and 67 I did not have the correct information in there.