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VPN - Drive Mapping Error

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  • VPN - Drive Mapping Error

    Hi ,

    We are using Windows server 2008 Std Edition. We are having some users get logged in via VPN when they are on the move , now i have implement the facility in server that when any user get logged in server they get one partition called z: Drive in their My Computer. Users can put their important files and folders over here and this will be backed up on daily night.

    Now in Local LAN when the users get login in morning the drive is mapped easily and automatically , but then they logged in via VPN , they are able to login but the drive partion is not available.

    Even i tried to map the server folder manually as a drive z: but i got the message that Network Drive Not Found.

    What can be the issue ..please help me to solve it ...

    Thanks ....

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    Re: VPN - Drive Mapping Error

    well, the local computers can map the drive because they are connecting to the local domain, so when ther profile is loaded is maps the network drive, but when you connect throw VPN that does not happen. In the laptops they login throw domain as well ? if so when you logon select to dial a vpn connection first then connect to the domain so that it can map the network drive.


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      Re: VPN - Drive Mapping Error

      A couple of things:

      1. When connecting via a VPN connection, you're authenticating to the domain and not really logging on to the domain (unless you follow kevin's advice), so logon scripts will not and do not run.

      2. The problem you have seems to be related to name resolution or routing.

      When connected to the VPN can you ping the file server by name? Can you ping it by ip address?


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        Re: VPN - Drive Mapping Error

        Can you access the share by using "\\ipaddress\share"? If not, make sure that the netbios ports aren't being blocked thru the vpn...
        TCP 137 NETBIOS Name Service
        TCP 138 NETBIOS Datagram Service
        TCP 139 NETBIOS Session Service

        Also make sure this is checked in the vpn properties.

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          Re: VPN - Drive Mapping Error

          Hello ahinson, now talking about Netbios, i had to install wins service fot exchange 2007 to work properly with the VPN, probably installing netbios support and WinS, probably will resolve the problem.