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TS License still in grace period (but licensing is installed and activated)

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  • TS License still in grace period (but licensing is installed and activated)


    I installed the Terminal Server role and installed TS Licensing on a single server in a workgroup (no Active Directory whatsoever, only 1 server). They have 5 clients using the TS and I dutifully installed and activated TS User mode licenses but the server keeps warning me that it is in the grace period and will expire in 99 days.

    Roles > Terminal Services > Licensing Diagnosis reports that:
    Number of TS CALs available for clients: 0
    Active Directory Domain: Unknown
    Licensing Mode: Per User
    Discovery Mode: Automatic
    (I have also tried to change the Discovery Mode so that I specify the server by name, and although the Check names button indicates it is a valid licensing server, there is no material difference in the message given by Licensing Diagnosis).

    The suggested resolution provided by the Licensing Diagnosis console is:
    Configure a license server for the terminal server. If you have an existing license server, use Terminal Services Configuration tool to specify that license server for the terminal server. Otherwise, install TS Licensing on a computer on your network.

    If you have configured a license server for the terminal server but the license server does not appear in the list of discovered license servers, use TS Licensing Manager to review the configuration of the license server.
    But I have already done all of that!

    Also, the Terminal Server licensing Diagnosis says that the TS discovered the following license servers:
    Summary: 0 license servers discovered.
    (Even if I specify a server name for the discovery mode, close and reopen the MMC, the Licensing Diagnostics still says that it cannot find a license server.)

    Also I cannot generate a report in TS Licensing Manager. The menu option Action>Create Report>Per USer CAL Usage... is greyed out, and I believe this is OK because TS Per User CAL tracking and reporting is not supported in workgroup mode.

    A balloon tooltip on the task tray pops up warning me the TS is still in its grace period but will expire in 99 days.

    Bits that do work:
    In TS Licensing Manager it says I have 5 Windows Server 2008 Installed and Activated TS CALs.
    It says the number issued is "-" (but that's probably because noone else is connected using TS).
    If I reinstall the licenses, they activate fine.
    If I go to TS Licensing Manager and do a "Review the configuration" it says:
    License Server Name: SERVER1
    Discovery Scope: Workgroup
    Database Location: C:\Windows\System32\LServer\

    Under the All Servers node in TS Licensing Manager there is a green tick by SERVER1 and this, I think, tells me the configuration is OK.

    How do I get the Terminal Server to recognise itself as a licensing server in the Licensing Diagnostics tool? It seems to recognise itself everywhere else, but the Licensing Diagnostics tool is, I think, the thing that produces the worrying tooltip and will probably render the TS inoperative after 99 days, so Iím very worried.

    Thank you.
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008

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    Re: TS License still in grace period (but licensing is installed and activated)

    Uninstalling Fujitsu ServerView agents solves the problem!

    many thanks to Neil Walkden for providing me with this solution.
    Best wishes,
    MCP:Server 2003; MCITP:Server 2008; MCTS: SBS2008