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  • migration 2000->2008


    I have to following issue.
    I have a 2000 domain called xxx.local.
    We want to migrate to a NEW 2008 domain called zzz.local. We want to migrate
    all users with the ADMT tool with current username Dxxxx.
    the global company decided to use a new global username called Txxxxxx

    my sub-company in Holland still wants to use the old Dxxxx account because lots of applications depend on this useraccount (SSO). So the Dutch company is a part of the bigger company. But due to application issues / security they must be using the Dxxxx acount.

    We will create a trust between the two domain so the users in the 2008 domain can access all resources in the 2000 domain. (i guess this should be a one way trust from 2008 --> 2000

    My question is : is het possible to have one useraccount with both the Dxxxx and Txxxxxx user account in it.. So when users logon with the Dxxxx user account they also can access resources that will be used with the Txxxxxx . Or is there a solution without creating two accounts for both domains.

    They don't want the current domain to be upgraded to 2008 because the take a lot of old schema changes with it then.

    If someone has an answer, I would be very pleased.

    Thanks in advance,
    Michel Pas
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