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Server 2008 to Xp connection problem

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  • Server 2008 to Xp connection problem

    I have a windows 2008 server as an application\file server. When an workstation running Windox XP is writing a file to a file share the write operation locks up. This does not happen every time but the server has to be rebooted to enable access to the server from the XP workstations. When this happens all Windows XP workstations lose their connection to the 2008 server. They cannot ping the server and our accounting program is disconnected. All Vista workstations can ping the server and access all applications and shares on the server.

    I think the problem is related to SMB1 vs SMB2 that was implemented with vista/2008 server.

    Has anyone else had this problem or know of a solution?

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    Re: Server 2008 to Xp connection problem

    Hello , all of the winxp machines cant access the server ? not even ping ? hmmm really strange, and the vista workstations can work with no problem. Check out the protocols you have installed in xp machines and see if everything is correcly configured. This can be stupid, but check when you ping throw the vista workstations if it's response it throw ipv6 or ipv4 , there can be a problem with ipv4 and the xp workstations stop responding.



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      Re: Server 2008 to Xp connection problem

      None of the Xp pcs can access the server without rebooting the server but vista pcs are not affected.

      When I ping the server from the Vista pcs I am pinging the ipv4 address not the ipv6 address. I recieve replys on the vista pcs even though the xp pcs cannot ping the server.

      Tcp/ip is the only protocol installed on the XP pcs.

      The problem seems only to occur when an xp pc writes to a file share.

      There are no errors in either the server or pcs event viewers

      My workaround was to move the file shares to a Window2003 server but the Accounting application still resides on the 2008 server.

      The accounting program is client/server and runs through a network service.

      I have only had to reboot the server once since moving the shares.

      I maintain numerous small networks and have been reluctant to install 2008 servers as most of the pcs on these networks are either XP pro or Win2000 pro.

      This is why I would like to know if this is a problem others have had or if this is an isolated problem.


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        Re: Server 2008 to Xp connection problem

        Well, i have win2008 serverwith shres..and all of the workstations are winxp pro eng and everytihng works ok..never had a problem.