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DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

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  • DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

    I have unique configuration of a network and I'm not sure the configuration is the right one.
    I have 2 DCs each one have two NIC, Win2008 Server, AD that was promote form 2003 server AD, with all the right command that needed before the DCPromo was executable.
    The rolls on the servers are DNS (AD integrated) internal IIS, and as I said AD of the domain.
    The both servers are doing replication without any problem.
    Because the IIS, I activated the load balancing on one of the NIC of each server so each server have 3 IP address.
    Server-1: NIC-1; NIC-2 Load balancing IP:
    Server-2: NIC-1; NIC-2 Load balancing IP:
    Both, NIC-2's used for the load balancing,
    Apparently in the DNS A record list I see that each Server has 3 A records and one for the load balancing:
    Server-1 (A)
    Server-1 (A)
    Server-1 (A)
    Server-2 (A)
    Server-2 (A)
    Server-2 (A)
    Load Balance (A)
    When I use DNS name, for example, for the Remote Desktop I get the wrong server. Looking for Server-1 and get Server-2
    I thought that the DNS server "choose" the A-Record with the address and because it is a Load Balance address, I get the SERVER-2.
    I've tried to delete the records Server-1 (A) and Server-2 (A) but somehow the A record returned. I've unchecked the automatic register DNS record. But with no help it's all the time return.
    Does anyone have an idea what is wrong? Or what I did wrong?
    Thanks in advance for you help
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    Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server problem with A records

    You cannot give Server-1 and Server-2 the same loadbalancing IP Address. Change Server-2 Load Balancing IP to
    Then create 2 new records in DNS with the SAME NAME and use and 218.
    Make sure DNS round robin is enabled in the DNS server properties and give your NEWLY created NAME to your clients...



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      Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

      Dear bio,
      I did the load balancing between the two servers I've used the NIC-2 from
      Server-1 and the NIC-2 from server-2.each NIC have its own IP address. The load balancing Manager ask me to give a virtual IP address and I gave the for it. I didn't understand you what you mean to give the load balancing two different IP address, should it be a one virtual IP address?


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        Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

        As you load balancing IIS, using DNS Round Robin will allow the load balancing. You then don't need to worry about the load balancing method used now. The NICs being used to load balance will connect to the network with unique IDs and the client's are given the name of the site in IIS that will exist on both servers. That name is registered in DNS that points to both server's IP address that is allocated to IIS. Round Robin will allow the load balancing.

        Edit: For name of the site, you may need to use Host Headers on the site or sites. Clients use that name to connect.


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          Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

          Wat form of load balancing are you using?
          NLB or DNS Round robin.

          Personally I wouldn't use the DNS round robin unless I don't have an other choice.
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            Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

            Thanks Marcel and Vertual,
            I'm using the NLB. And its works OK when I use the "NLBIIS" virtual name, the problem occur when I use the real server name like Server-1 or server-2. Because the A record at the DNS that point the server name to the virtual NLB IP address I'm some time get the wrong server. For example When I'm doing a DNS query using the nslookup I get sometime the address. And then I pointed to the wrong server because of the NLB.
            I don't understand way the NLB register this virtual IP address for the name of server-1 and Server-2 and donít use only the virtual name for it. For example NLBIIS (A)


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              Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

              If you check the Host records for the servers in DNS. You may find that there is an extra host record poitning to the Cluster's IP.


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                Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

                Thanks Virtual,
                I've noticed this Extra host and this OK ( it's to reached the NLBIIS QN) . But why and who is making the entry Server-1 (a) i don't want this entry. I just need the entry of the NLBIIS (A)


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                  Re: DNS and load Balace Windows 2008 Server

                  You're mixing up your terminology here. DNS Round Robin and NLB are two different things and not usually used together. For NLB you have to edit your NLB port rule. If you want NLB to only be used for IIS and not anything else then change the NLB port rule to only handle traffic for port 80.