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Login hanging after SP2 install/reboot?

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  • Login hanging after SP2 install/reboot?

    Has anyone ran into any issues with logging in after SP2 installs and reboots? I'm working on an issue right now.

    The server has Exchange '07 running on it. Was able to get in remotely, reboot it, but afterwards it's just hung on personalized settings. Can't manage it either.

    The server is in a native 2003 domain.

    I'll post back what I found, but if anyone has any similar issues to share that would be great!

    edit: was able to get to the logs. eventvwr complaining about corrupted disks? They were fine before the sp2 update!! More to come..
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    Re: Login hanging after SP2 install/reboot?

    Event ID 5 Virtual Storage Filter missing.

    This may be the issue. More to come.


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      Re: Login hanging after SP2 install/reboot?

      Well....none of the stuff above was it.

      ISCSI took a dump on me and assigned the wrong drive letter for exchange. It took almost an hour for Windows 2008 to reboot.. but it did.

      I had to make sure the pagefile was as big as the installed memory, then it rebooted. Just FYI! It wasn't done when the server was built! But almost everyone does that by default, so it wasn't totally obvious initially.