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Forcing service to run in 32bit compatibility mode ?

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  • Forcing service to run in 32bit compatibility mode ?

    Ok so the situation is I'm working on deploying an updated version of an Issuemanagement package we use (issueview) on a Windows 2008 x64 server.

    I've gotten over the humps with making IIS work with the 32bit components, and now that part is all smiles and lollipops.

    However, the other part of the application is the ivMonitor program - this utility is responsible for checking and importing pop3 emails, as well as sending emails.
    It's a 32bit dotnet application, that runs as a service.

    As i'm on a 64bit OS, it's loading the service in a 64bit environment, and so it's failing trying to call some 32bit com components.
    (1)25/05/2009 2:39:39 PM Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {BFD327B1-74CB-11D4-85DD-00105A78A05E} failed due to the following error: 80040154.
    at IssueView.IvSysInfo.GetData()
    research, and discussion with the developer, suggests that we need to force the service to run in 32bit mode.

    I've tried using the corflags application to force 32BIT+ on the base executable, and this has had no effect.. in fact, it doesn't even tell me if it works.
    I've also tried running in Windows XP SP2 compatibility mode..

    Any ideas on how I can force it to run as a 32bit service ?
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