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2008 DC downgrade

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  • 2008 DC downgrade


    I have a situation where I have 1 2008 Domain Controller and a handful of 2003 Domain controllers. I need to downgrade the 2008 box to 2003 (application requirement).

    Am I going to run into any issue removing the only 2008 controller from AD and replacing it with a 2003 DC?

    I am assuming I can move the FSMO roles to an existing 03 DC, demote the 08 box. Re-install 03, dcpromo it back into the domain (same name/IP) and move the FMSO roles back again?????

    There will be no more 2008 Servers left in AD when I'm done. Can anyone tell me if this is possible or if my procedure would work. I'm mostly concerned about any AD issues once the 08 no longer exists.

    Thank you.

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    Re: 2008 DC downgrade

    Sounds ok to me. Once you have transferred FSMO roles and ensured the other DC has the other services it holds, if any, DHCP, DNS, GC, leave it for a day and then power the 2k8 machine off for a few days to check that the domain is ok. You can then demote it from the domain and carry out the rest of your procedure.
    Edit: Also, make sure you take a backup of the system state on the w2k8 before and after transferring roles.


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      Re: 2008 DC downgrade

      If you have existing 2003 DCs on the network, then you haven't upgraded the forest to 2008 only so you'll be fine. Just demote the 2008 box, let everything synch and then format/install 2003.