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DFS Namespace replication: need explanation

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  • DFS Namespace replication: need explanation

    I created a DFS namespace "\share"

    I added a namespace server which is a DC at another site on the same domain

    the "\share" replicated between the two seemingly automatically.. and I was happy as that was exactly what I wanted.

    then I realized that the dfsroot was on the C: drive of the second DC

    so I deleted the additional namespace server and added it again pointing the dfsroot to the storage partition of that second server.

    now the "" is not replicating, can anyone help me figure this out

    I want to know if the namespace automatically replicates once you add a namespace server, or do I have to create a replication group to replicate the dfs share accross servers/sites.

    I'm relatively new to this and I'm reading, just seeking some clarity