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Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

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  • Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

    Hello Freinds,

    This is my second post which regarding to technical help required.
    I have install Windows 2008 Domain Server & implemented AD as well as File Mangaer on it. More than 100 computers had been configured in AD. All nodes are with windows XP pro. I have configured FOLDER Quota for every user in the File Server. Now I want know that is there any builtin Utility in File Manager Service or AD like take the data backup from users node automatically and copy the all data into mentioned folder. I have one software for Data Backup and installed already also. If you configure into that like which extension files you want to copy or which files you do not want. You can shcedule also. In the background it works and copy all mentioned data into server automatically. But it requries to install all machines and user can play with settings of the smae software without having Admin rights. User can not uninstall it as user doesnt have Admin rights. But in the USER level rights they can play with software setting, like time shcedule, folder change, service can be stopped by user. Therefore I am looking for such utility which can take the users data from their node without they knowing. ALl users are loging into Domain. I would request that you all experts to suggest me the utility from which how I can copy the data from nodes to domain perticular mentioned folder. Please help me for this.
    I will be very very thankful to all friends.

    Thanks and Regards,


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    Re: Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

    You havent said WHICH folders you want to copy to the server but, through folder redirection, you can take the current desktop and "My Documents" folders fairly easily

    Are you sure the service can be stopped by a non-admin? If so, you can adjust its security through a GPO
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      Re: Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

      Dear Friend Occean,

      Thanks for your quick and valuable resposne.
      I am taking data backup of only one folder which is known as MY DOCUMENTS. No any single user can copy their data in other folder of local hard disk. They can copy all their files into MY Document only. And it is sure that service can stopped by non-admin user. And If you say that to confgure it through GPO, its OK. But for that I need to install the software in all machines, which I do not want that go to every users place & do the setting in front of users and while doing this user may ask me that what are you trying to do? This I do not want. Due to this reason I am looking such builtin utilty from which I can pickup the data backup from users data folder through server and copy into server's folder where confgured for the same user.

      Please suggest me.



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        Re: Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

        Dear Friends,

        Please help me for below issue. It is very very and top most urgent issue.


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          Re: Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

          Originally posted by patil_ps View Post
          Dear Friends,

          Please help me for below issue. It is very very and top most urgent issue.

          Please be aware that all members of this forum provide help for free and your question will get answered when someone can get to it.

          To answer your question you do not need to install nay software on users machine if your redirecting thier my documents folder.

          Try reading through some of these Google pages to see if that helps


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            Re: Data Backup Utility in windows 2008 AD

            In Group Policy, you can configure redirected folders, specifying the "My Documents" to be redirected to any folder on the server.

            # Open a Group Policy object that is linked to the site, domain, or organizational unit that contains the users whose My Documents folders you want to redirect.
            # In the console tree, double-click Folder Redirection to display My Documents.

            * Group Policy object\User Configuration\Windows Settings\Folder Redirection\My Documents

            # Right-click My Documents, and then click properties.
            # On the Target tab, in Setting, click Basic - Redirect everyone's folder to the same location.
            # Under Target folder location, click Redirect to the user's home directory, and then click OK.

            We have setup Profiles & My Docs to redirect to the server under a parent folder for all users. We then back this up via Commvault off the server. Let me know if you need further help.
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