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Strange Trust Permissions Issue

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  • Strange Trust Permissions Issue

    Hi All,

    Wonder if anyone can shed any light on this one...

    I have a Server 2008 Domain with an external trust connected to a Server 2000 Domain.

    On the 2000 Domain I can add users and groups from the 2008 Domain to File/Folder permissions without a problem.

    On the 2008 Domain, when I'm on a Server 2008 Machine and I try to add a user from the 2000 domain to have access to a file/folder it always asks me to enter a network password. I try a domain admin user from the 2000 domain and I get 'Logon Failure: Unknown user name or bad password'

    If I go to a 2003 member server on the 2008 domain and try adding a user to have access to the same file/folder and it does it woithout a hitch...

    So, why are the 2008 servers prompting me for a user/password when I try to find users in the 2000 domain? Is there any way I can get the 2008 server to stop doing this?


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    Re: Strange Trust Permissions Issue

    Disabling NTLM V2 on 2k8 and 2k3 should resolve this (Not Recommended)
    Kapil Sharma
    Life is too short, Enjoy It.


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      Re: Strange Trust Permissions Issue

      So is that the only way?

      And why would my 2003 member server on the 2008 domain be able to set permissions on folders to users on the 2000 domain? I havent changed the authentication level on that server...