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VPN problems on 2008 standard

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  • VPN problems on 2008 standard

    Hi folks!

    After years of happily using a win2k3, we decided to move to a new 2k8 server. One of the many problems with the new 2K8 system is VPN. We have the 2k8 box set up as AD, DNS, DHCP, NAT and RRAS server, following the standard settings suggested by the MS wizards.

    Using a XP or Vista box, a VPN connection is made without problems. However, in about 50% of the occasions, we cannot map network drives over the VPN connection. In those occasions, the "net use" command hangs for a while, and returns an error (cannot map network drive).

    The VPN client is no part of the domain, but the drives are mapped using a '"net use x: \\server\mappeddrive user:domain\user password" batch command.

    On the 2003 box, the same worked fine. Any help greatly appreciated!

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    Re: VPN problems on 2008 standard

    Can the problematic clients resolve the DNS name of your server when connected over VPN?

    E.g. If your net use command is 'net use x: \\server\mappeddrive', can they resolve 'server'.

    Forgive me if you've already tested this, but it's a fairly common issue.
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