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  • MAP drive issue

    Hi Friends

    I am facing a stange problem. We have a file server in Win2k3 R2 standard editions. All of the domain clients in Win-Xp SP2. We have configure the home folder on user's logon profile.
    Like h:\\\home\%username%
    We have not give the permission to share the \\\home folder but
    give the read and modify control of his home folder.
    Now when the user login he see the netwirk drive in my computer like
    ABC on \\\home and he can accesss the folder and read writes.
    Next time he login the computer he see the map drive like this.
    home on \\ and he can't access because he have no permission.

    Why this happend. I have checked the logon script and found this entry home on \\ and removed from the logon script. Update the policy restart the client pc but nothing happend. Users some time see this drive home on \\ Why this happend.

    User can access his drive through the UNC path so permission is not issue but i can't justify. Please figure out.

    This problems on all of the users but 5-10 users and few computers. If i login to another computer with same users accounts then i can't see this drive. Please suggest how can i remove this entry.

    Please help it's very urgent.

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    Re: MAP drive issue

    Enabling 'Run logon script synchronously' [Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Scripts\ Run logon scripts synchronously] might help.

    You can try also additionally to disable the 'Fast Logon Optimization feature' [Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\System\Logon\ Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon]

    Update the GPO on the clients.

    And make sure to delete any persistent mapped drives (if there are) on every client while the user is logged on by running this command before the correct driveletter is being mapped automatically: NET.exe USE * /DELETE /Y (you can add this command to a user logonscript, although it only need to run once)


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      Re: MAP drive issue

      Hi Rems

      Thanks for this help. it's really very helpfull for me.